sinka (sinka) wrote,

JIBCon!! There I go!

YES!! I received the confirmation of my Angel Pass to Jus in Bello convention next year!! After watching the vids from the previous years and finally having some money I couldn't NOT go!! I know it's going to be a blast!! Please please please let Jared be there!! (although if they are allowed to use his image as promotion I'm pretty sure he will!)

Okay, still a long way to go... but I can be very patient!! I cross my fingers I can get the time off and that I have no work commitments.

And before that, I'm going to the Rising Con that's in barely two weeks!! My first convention!! And eventhough there is no J2, I'm still dyin to meet Misha, Mark and Sebastian. Hopefully I will record some good videos and audio to share!!
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