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I discovered today that Mediamax/Streamload has been down since 25th... so it's been already three days and all our projects are down... sigh... I wonder how many people has tried to download them and couldn't.

I really hate it when this kind of things happens to me so I hope people doesn't give up and come again for the files... sigh...

Right now I don't have time to upload them to anywhere else and in their blog it's stated that the will be back up by today, so let's believe it by now. If isn't back by tomorrow I'll upload them any other server when I'm back from work.

I miss the old Streamload sooooo much!!


I uploaded the files to rapidshare (although I don't like this kind of servers too much), so hopefully people can download them for the time being:

Heero Act 1

Fate of Gold Book 1

A Scenery with You in It

Your Wings in my Sky

I'll upload them to the webpage as soon as I'm back tonight (although I go to a D'espairsRay concert after work so I will be home kind of late ^^;;;)
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