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Sorry to keep you waiting!! It's been a really busy couple of weeks for the whole team, but finally we have another amazing Gundam Wing doujinshi to offer!! And it's the first work of our other amazing editor ladynagisa!! Please if you like it, be sure to thank her for her wondeful work, FoG is not easy to edit at all because of allt he SFX!.

Fate of Gold (Volume 1) by Taishi Zaou

I don't really know what to say about it, as it's one of the most famous Gundam Wing doujinshi series in the whole world (specially thanks to the author, that now it's a renowned mangaka whose works, like Princess Princess have been adapted to anime!! Gundam Wing is the thing that started her in the manga world. The funny thing is she started drawing Gundam Wing in the back of her notebooks! XD.

Fate of Gold is the perfect example of great plot with great drawing. IIt retells the story of the Gundam Wing series from Duo's point of view since the moment he meets Heero. It relies on what we couldn't see in the series, the beginnings and development of their relationship, and it jumps from one chapter to another in just a couple of pages (so be sure to remember what happened in the series if you don't want to get lost!). It's plenty of humour... and angst in later parts. 

Supposedly is a 2x1 story, but Heero is soooo cold, so composed, so... himself.. that Duo is not really in control at all! So I would say it's more of a 1=2! Enjoy!!

Of course, you can download it in

By the way, we are working in something really big, so please keep your eyes open for the next days!!
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