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Mixed feelings...

Mmm... My parents went away for the summer yesterday. They won't be back until the beginning of October and I don't really know what to think about it. Last year, when I was still just a student, I would have been ecstatic, like "the whole house for me! WOHOOO!!". But now I feel kind of left behind.

Sure I won't have to follow are their rules and stuff, and I can watch whatever I want on TV or listen to the music I like out loud. But since I started working, having them at home when I came back was a relief. Like knowing everything important was being taken care of. Arriving to an empty home today was... unnerving. Besides, even if I was very tired  had to cook dinner anyway. And probably this sunday I'll spend all day cooking to prepare the whole week meals.

Ok, I know I'm whining, but I have so little quality time for myself now that I don't want to spend it cooking or doing house chores! I'm feeling kind of trapped. And... well... sincerely I'm jealous. They are going away for more than THREE months!! and I only have two miserable weeks vacation at the end of july. And I get out of work so late in weekdays I can't do anything at all.  I have the house for myself and I can't take advantage of it. I would like to see my friends a little more...

Although, well, if I think about it deeply, I'll probably get used to being totally independent soon. And probably when I start feeling great about it, and I became used to do whatever I want... when the good points overcome the bad ones, they'll be back and I'll have to get used to their schedule again... sigh... I think I don't know what I want. A little stability maybe. A a little more of free time would be even better.

Being an adult sucks. What I wouldn't do to be an student all my life!
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