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Ok, I must admit I am overwhelmed by all the good feelings!! It's been only two days since Todokanai was inaugurated and more than 300 people already visited the page (and hopefully enjoyed the doujinshi there). And what's even better, two people offered their help!! I'm moved, really.

So it seems I have a proof-reader (yeah, my english sucks ^^;;), and what's even better, an EDITOR!! m(_ _)m

*dances wildly around the computer*

So in theory we are three in the staff now! Although I'll refrain from saying their nicks until the next project comes out (in case it doesn't work out at the end).

Ah! and [info]link_worshiper has offered to scan some of ther Digital Papa doujinshi (as I have none). Isn't life beautiful?

By the way, I decided I will only write the 'real' updates (in other words, the actual releases) in the Todokanai Webpage, if you want to know how everything is going, what I'm translating and what's the status, you'll have to keep an eye in this livejournal!! ^____^

Right now I'm translating Natsuo Kume's 'Heero':

But I just started like, yesterday, so you will have to wait for a while yet!! ^^;;;

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