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Inauguration Weekend!! ^__^

At least, two Gundam Wing Doujinshi are complete and ready to download!! So the site is officially inaugurated now ^___________________^.

"Your Wings in my Sky" by Pastel Sha and Funanori

Pastel Sha is the wonderful circle of the talented artist Sagawa Minori. It's a relatively new circle, as it was created around 2001 (six years after GW was aired in Japan!) but it's still active and releasing Gundam Wing doujinshi nowadays! Sagawa Minori's drawings are breathtakingly canon, and her stories are simple yet moving. Sincerely I decided to translated this doujinshi first because it was short and fairly easy to understand, but I still love it to death. In fact Pastel Sha is one of my favorite circles, because their portrait of Duo and Heero's characters and relationship it's just spot on (in my own opinion of course). I'm trying my best to adquire more of her works, and I'll translate everything of hers I can get my hands on. I am not that fond of Funanori's works though, maybe a little too philosophical for me, but still, it worth a read!

"A Scenery with You in It" by Ringo Zaidan

Ringo Zaidan is the circle of the famous doujinshika Midori Saiha. Probably my favourite 2x1 artist of ll time (with Natsuo Kume, of course). You can always trust her doujinshi are always extremely good. Not only the drawing is absolutely beautiful, but her stories are really deep and meaningful. Some of her plots would even deserve a whole new series! In her stories Heero is vulnerable, but strong, and Duo, even being the dominant in the relationship, it's plagued by insecurities. In this case, even being one of her 'minor works', it can still make my chest hurt with every page and every though the characters are having. I really hope you enjoy Midori Saiha's works as much as I do!!

Please go to Todokanai Project to download!

And don't forget to comment!! (reviews, constructive criticism are more than welcomed!).
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