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GW Doujinshi Project

I have a Project. I has been on my mind the last months, and I decided to start working actively on it around three weeks ago. The thing is that I've been silently feeding off the GW fandom since 1998, and it has given me nothing but wonderful things. Now it's slowly dying, and I've been thinking that I should try to do something to prevent it, that I should give something back.

But what can I do? I can't write, and I don't know a thing about drawing. Then, one day, while I was looking around my GW doujinshi stack... it just came to me. If I can't share my own works, maybe I can help spreading the works of other talented authors. Because isn't a pity there is so many wonderful stories that almost nobody can read? Because I can assure you that doujinshi are a lot more than just pretty pictures.

My japanese is not good at all. But I can get my way around a doujinshi and understand most of it. So with a little effort, I can translate it, and then a lot more people can enjoy it!

I've been translating (and learning how to scan and edit) for a while now, so I think I'll be able to inaugurate my new site soon (hopefully with some translated doujinshi already).

I'm kind of nervous, but I really want to do this. I hope people will like it!

And well, this way I will finally know what to do with this journal (that's a plus too ^^).
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