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My own journal at last!!!

Here we are... it's been months since I decided I wanted to have my own livejournal, but for one reason or another (mainly me being lazy) I didn't get to work on it 'til now. In fact I think this would still be just a project in my mind if it weren't for some of my favourite fic authors on livejournal becoming 'friend only' mode ^^;;;;;.

Now I just have to learn how to modify the theme of the journal and I'll be done!! ^O^/

Well, I'm not really sure how often I'll write here or what I will be saying... this is just a way to express myself so I'll just update when I need it. And I'm sure that whatever I say will be boring as hell... *sighs*.

And I'm pretty sure I'll use english more often than spanish (although this is going to be a real challenge to my crappy english), because this way nobody in my RL can discover that this is me...

Whatever happens... we'll see.

P.S: The title of my journal is from Gackt's amazing single 'Uncertain Memory'. I was tempted to call it  消え去る楽園 directly, but I don't think most people would understand it... (I wouldn't if I weren't addicted to his songs) and the translation does sound fine to me... I really think it suits me ^^.

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