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JibCon 2013 - Summary of Jensen M&Gs on Sunday

Just like last year, me and shadira had purchased one M&G with Jared and one M&G with Jensen. So when we went to reception to see what would happen with our now cancelled Jared M&G we were offered a refund or the chance to exchange it for another Jensen one (we were told it had been Jensen's idea, in fact!). So there was really nothing to ponder, from our point of view the money was already spent and if there's something better than 20 minutes up close and personal with Jensen Ackles, it's definitely 40 minutes up close and personal with Jensen Ackles!

This time we didn't have time to take detailed notes because there was panels just after the M&Gs, so we took some fast cliffnotes and that night we spent some time trying to recall all the questions and answers. I'm not sure we managed but this is all we can remember. Please bear in mind I'm just paraphrasing what I remember and that if something sounds a little strange, it's only my poor english and not anybody's words!

Jensen's Morning M&G

I was incredibly lucky in the first M&G because it was just after Jensen's solo panel and that meant nobody had been queuing beforhand. So we ran out of the stage room and I managed to snatch one of the seats just besides Jensen. You know what that means? It means I spent 20 minutes staring at perfection! and probably shaking but that's just a normal reaction!

When he came in (as I said, all perfect in his perfectness and as intense as ever) he asked how we were surviving the weekend and if his panel had been boring. Which we absolutely negated, of course! And then we got right away to the questions, because in 20 minutes with Jensen Ackles we cannot afford to waste even one minute!

The first question was about memorable episodes, and Jensen said one of the most memorable ones of season 8 was the Charlie one, as she was awesome with the shotgun. And in a funny note he told us he actually got hurt in his forehead that episode wrenching out the metal leg of the table with his hands, so that was really memorable!

Next I saw my chance and I asked (or rambled because my tongue always get stuck) about the parallelism between the Amy storyline and the Benny storyline as I though Sam's distrust towards Benny came also from the anger at what Dean did to Amy. Jensen completely agreed, and said that Sam thought Dean was being hypocritical, because it's Sam the one who believes not all monsters are bad and Dean the one who wants to kill them all. So Sam was upset and angered about how could Dean say one thing and do another.

He was also asked about Kane going to be in an episode of Supernatural and what kind of character he would play. Jensen said that it was just a rumor yet, but if he could pick a character it would be something similar to Benny.

Somebody also asked him if he preferred to play characters similar to him or different of him. Jensen definitely said he like challenges and he liked to play characters that weren't like him, and he mentioned Ten Inch Hero as an example of something opposite of him.

Oh!! there was also a girl who asked if after Supernatural was over if Jensen would be open to do a Supernatural Road Movie funded by the fans through kickstarter. And he said that absolutely!!

He also told us he didn't know if he would direct any episode of season 9. He had requested it but the directors weren't yet decided. So he was crossing his fingers they would give him the opportunity to direct again, and that it would be a Dean-light episode (as he wouldn't be doing the first episode this time). At the moment the only director confirmed is Misha for one episode.

He was asked about how he managed to memorize so many lines so fast, and he told us that memory was like a muscle and that it helped that he and Jared knew the characters very well already. They will seat in the make-up trailer and run through their pages only once or twice and they are done.

He was asked how would Dean react to meeting John again. And Jensen said he would probably turn again into a young boy, even after what he's gone through, because John will always be his hero and Dean will always be his son.

I remember there was a small pause after this so I decided to grab the chance and make another question, this time about why Sam and Dean doesn't seem to care about the humans that are possessed by demons and always kill them. He said it was something they had talked, and that if the episodes were longer we maybe would get to see them getting rid of the bodies. I kind of insisted that why they didn't try to save them anymore when the whole issue in Season 4 had been that Sam accepted his powers to save people and the tension it brought to the relationship. And he admitted that Sam still kind of wants to save the possessed but Dean just wants to kill them, and that most time the vessel is in fact so damaged that exorcizing the demon wouldn't be of any use anyway. But he still said I was making a very good point!!

He told us that he would like to continue to do TV, he liked films and theater but he still like TV better because it gives an opportunity to tell longer stories that he doesn't know where or when will end. He mentioned Robert Redford and Steve Macqueen as actors whose characters he would like to play.

The last question was about stunt doubles, and lavished praises upon them. He said his and Jared's stun doubles are really talented, and that have been with them for so many years that they are great friends now. For example he told us an anecdote about his stunt double biking across town to help him in a bar fight. There was no fight in the end, but he went there to protect him anyway.

Jensen's Afternoon M&G

The second M&G was just after the lunch break. He came and went directly for the coffee and asked us if we had actually had time to eat or if we were still running from breakfast. The truth is most of us had been queuing through lunch break to get a good seat in the M&G but we couldn't tell him that!  I was a little further away this time, but I think we made eye contact more often because of that, so still not complaining!

The first question was about Jensen's dogs. And it was incredibly cute because Jensen spent like five minutes describing both Icarus and Oscar and their habits. He was smiling the whole time and it just shone through his words how much he adores them. He also told us the story about Oscar's sickness as growing up (which I won't explain because most of us know already), but assured us he was perfectly okay now. Oh, and he told us they call them White and Brown!

He was also asked about Dean's costumes, and if there would be any costume he would refuse to wear. So he explained the main reason Dean always ended with the costumes it was because he was the main the comic relief in the series. And actually it wasn't always a bad thing because he had also the opportunity to wear really cool costumes like the 50s or the western one. Besides, their relationship with the writers is really good he knows they wouldn't make him wear something too embarrassing, like a tight superman outfit or something like that.

As another example of their good terms with the writers, Jensen also told us that the writers always go to set when their last episode of the season is being filmed. And that when they are there they are always open to rewrite a scene that doesn't seem to work or explain what they wanted to convey in a scene. It's something that other actors get to do very often but since they are filming in Vancouver, it's not very usual.

And well, I had already asked two questions that very same morning, but nobody was raising their hand so I went for it again. Like a good Sam!girl I asked if he thought there was something more than met the eye about Sam not looking for Dean at the beginning of the season, because I had seen all those clues which I wasn't sure I was imagining it and if we would have any resolution.

Jensen answered that the Sam not looking for Dean storyline is still open, and he believes it will be addressed again someday. But that right now Dean has made an effort to forget about it to support Sam through the trials and he hoped they would go back to it because he liked the tension that had put between the brothers and it was what made for good drama.

Sadly he also said he personally believed that Sam really hadn't looked for Dean. But that in the end, even though Dean was angry because of it, it was a little hypocritical of him because Dean was sure he wasn't ever going to get out of the hunting life, and he wanted to do the trials himself to give Sam the opportunity to grow older and have a life. Jensen really like that inner struggle too as it's dramatic.

He was also asked about emotional scenes. And Jensen told us that he didn't know when emotion was going to overcome a scene. For example it happened in the scene that he had mentioned about Dean telling Sam he wanted to do the trials himself and lay down his life so his brother could have one, suddenly the tears started coming but he made the decision to re-shoot it because that's not how he wanted to play Dean in that scene and he didn't want to put that kind of emotional weight so early in the episode, as it would leave him nowhere to go afterwards.

Another scene in which he didn't expect the emotion to happen but it came anyways was the good-bye scene with Benny. They hadn't rehearsed it that way at all, but when the cameras started rolling it just happened to him and Ty and he thought it worked really really well and added a lot to the scene.

And then it was over! Well, there was one last question which I remember, but, to be honest I think it was a really private and personal question... and if I didn't feel comfortable hearing it then, I certainly don't feel comfortable talking about it now. Every person is different but personally I think there's a line that we as fans shouldn't ever cross, no matter how nice and warm any of the SPN actors are. So this is me, not crossing it.

So, in summary, it was awesome, and interesting, just like our cast. And Jensen let me ask not only one, but three questions between both M&G's!! What else could I wish for?
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