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Supernatural 7x22: Or how to betray our beloved characters.... (and the actors!)

Okay, I'm pissed. I'm fucking pissed. And I'm not talking about the episode which was... okay (although not really to the standard of a frigging episode 22, but whatever). I'm talking about the director or TPTB or writer or whoever have BETRAYED Sam and Dean, cutting some essential part of the episode.

I don't know if anybody has read the summary I made of a M&G with Jared in the JIB here, but in one of the questions he talked about how they worried about Sam and Dean and tried to keep them in character, even if they had to fight the script. He said the following:

"And sometimes a writer is better at writing storylines that at writing Sam or Dean. So you have to protect yourself. But it's a good fight, and I'm happy to do it because I love Sam and I don't mind putting the extra effort. There was one situation for example later in the season in which they are trying to save hostages, and Sam is all 'we're not leaving without them', but in the original script it was mentioned the hostages were over eighteen, so we leave. But we were like 'No, Sam and Dean leave no hostages, they save everybody!'. They are not going to decide to leave a person just because he's twenty-two or something. So it was a great line, a great dialogs, but it wasn't true to Sam, because Sam wouldn't do that. So kind of things like that."

So AFTER watching this episode, I'm pretty sure he was talking about the children raised by the Alpha Vampire. Jared and Jensen didn't agree that Sam and Dean would leave ANY of them behind. So they fought for their characters and changed it and saved Emily!! because she's a brainwashed victim here!! but now in the cutting room they have simply dismissed the scene????

I feel betrayed. I feel betrayed for Sam and Dean and for Jared and Jensen who obviously care about the characters that much and whose efforts have been trashed! I'm really really sorry for them. And the worst part is that I honestly do not understand how could this happen, the director of this episode is Guy Bee, who has been for a long time with the show and is supposed to understand the characters better than that! and to respect Jared and Jensen wishes! (which are the famdom's!)


I'm SO mad I can't see straight. So after I manage to calm down, I'll use some brain bleach and make it my personal canon that Sam and Dean also got Emily from the Alpha's clutches. Because that's what Sam and Dean do.

They are HEROES! Can't the writers or whoever changed the episode get that into their heads?

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