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JibCon 2012 - Summary of Jensen M&G on Sunday

We weren't so lucky during Jensen's M&G so we were seating at the middle of the table. Still we were less than two meters from him and I promise his presence is intimidating! I was honestly trembling faintly during the whole session.
But without further ado, here's my summary, also as detailed as we could make it!

The M&G started exactly on time, which I think it's pretty telling also of both Jared  and Jensen personalities! He entered and said hello, hello! and it was like he OWNED the room. He asked how we were and there was chorus of 'Fine!' (I think we all had kind of swallowed our tongue). He told us he was in a way better mood today even though he had barely slept again, but he was excited. So right away he asked us what we wanted to talk about and jumped right to the questions.
Fan: Have you ever had problems with a script that you don't agree with and how to make it work for Dean?
Jensen: Not really. It would be less like trying how to make Dean do this, like directly changing the script to make it *be* Dean. When we come against a scene or  
dialog that doesn't sound right, we change it and make it proper to the character. So I'll never had a hard time figuring out how to make Dean do something because we will just change the script if it doesn't feel right.
Fan: And have you had any technical problems?
Jensen: Probably but I don't remember exactly. In a hundred and forty nine episodes there's definitely been situations where we have changed lines and had to figure things out. But there's a lot of people on our crew, people we can talk and say 'Let's do this o change that' or they say that to us. For example we have one person completely dedicated to continuity, making sure that everything lines up properly, that if you do something here, it's done exactly the same way there. So that's one of the many technical aspects we can get. There's a lot of people watching our back.
Fan: Would you like to play a historical character?
(again, I'm reducing the questions, they were a lot better than I can remember, but you know... I was staring at Jensen the whole time...)
Jensen: Great question. In Supernatural I've had to do, well, not exactly historical character but there's moments on the show in which we go back, like when I was with Elliot Ness. That would be a great character to play. In fact I remember walking to the set with the coat and the hair, looking like a million bucks and the crew guys came and were like 'Why did we stop dressing like that?'. So it would be rather fun. Also in the Western episode, I got to be a cowboy and I loved that. But you know? What I really love is JDM new show 'Magic City' that's played in the fifties and I remember I called Jeff and told him 'if the show is still going when Supernatural ends, you have to get me on there!'. And actually, I'd love to do a medieval character, like Robin Hood and that kind of stuff. But we will see.
Fan: I have two questions. The first one is What inspired you to act as a big brother? and the second one is if you have seen any episode of X-files and what do you think about its influence into Supernatural?
Jensen: Well, for your first question, I'm a big-brother, I have a little sister. But I don't have a younger brother. So honestly, I've come to feel more like an older brother being in the set and working with Jared. Because he and I are very close friends and have that brother mentality of taking care of each other. He's really like a brother. And I'm four years older than him so it was kind of natural to fall into that role, even though he's bigger than I am! So it wasn't difficult to achieve. And about your second question, I did see some X-files, not a lot of it because it was on for like nine years. But it was more a procedural, a cop show with a supernatural storyline that sometimes got lost. Whereas our show is more ghosts and demons and that kind of stuff. There are similarities, but they are pretty different.
Fan: Does the show make an special effort to avoid spoilers?
Jensen: Yes, there's certainly some big storylines that they try to protect. Like Bobby's return or Castiel's return, so they won't send the script by email. They will only give it to the key persons of each department. They do make an effort to keep the story under wraps. They don't want you guys to get spoiled, they want you to be surprised.
(I'm sure the above question had a larger reply, BUT he had said it would be my turn next because he signaled the order, so I was a mess and I barely heard it. I'm sorry I probably messed what he said.)
Me (he focused on me and damn it, he's intense! so my mind went blank and to my horror, I started babbling, with trembling voice, no kidding): I wanted to talk about the brothers relationship. Because there's been a huge change over the seasons. They are still able to do anything for each other but it's like they don't know the other would do the same... For example when Sam asked Dean not to die, but Dean didn't understand that if he dies Sam will go behind him. It's like there's still a huge rift between them...  
(THANKFULLY, Jensen stopped me here or I would probably have kept talking!)
Jensen: I don't think there's a rift. I think there's still the brother loyalty and they are still looking out for each other. But they have been through so much that it's hard to know where each other come from. It's like Sam is barely holding on and could break apart at any moment, and Dean does what he can to keep his brother together but this time it's out of his hand. So he has to trust that Sam will do his part and keep it together. In fact there's a few lines later in the season in which Sam asks Dean 'How do you keep it together? I'm barely hanging on.' and I don't want to spoil the lines but I'm like 'I have to try'. They are what keep each other standing and keep the brothers going.
(And bless you Jensen, for giving such an amazingly beautiful answer to my mess of a question!!)
There's at least a couple of short questions and answers that were asked after me, very fast like only a couple of sentences. But I'm sorry I can't remember, I was still in my little cloud.
Fan: You have said before that in the first season Dean was a lot more like Jensen, but now it's an independent characeter. What are the changes?
Jensen: Well, in the beginning of the show I was trying to find the character. that's the reason why Jensen and Dean have more similarities. But when I started knowing this character, what he went through, how he related to other characters it evolved and became less and less Jensen. I think the longer a show is television, you can see better how the characters fleshed up, develop and change. The studios want instant gratification, good ratings from the start and if they don't get it they can cancel the show. So I think we've been very lucky be able to continue playing these characters and have the opportunity to evolve with them. So I think that now that we are seven seasons into the show, the character has really taken a life on his own. Same with Sam, with Bobby or with Cas... I mean if you meet Jim Beaver or Misha you can tell how different we are from our characters. And I think it's better when they become more individual, than just another version of me. I like to be able to play somebody so different, it's a challenge. So well, that's it.
Daniela had actually started to make signals that the M&G was coming to an end, so Jensen shrugged and smiled.
Jensen: This was great. I'll see you guys later! Than you!
Everybody (in awed chorus, again): Thank youuu!
So, hum... that was it too. I promise time really flew by! But it was yet again worth every second!!

By the way, this M&G was actually *before* Jared's but I had to write down that one first because, well, nobody said I'm not biased! ;P. Anyway, I think there was another Jensen M&G on Sunday afternoom, so I hope somebody else does a summary of that one!

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