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JibCon 2012 - Summary of Jared M&G on Sunday

So, okay, I'm trying to be as accurate and detailed as possible. Me and shadira joined our heads to try and remember everything that was said during the M&G's and she has a pretty good memory so I'll be paraphrasing here but I think it's kind of complete.

Also, I got to seat just BESIDE Jared during this whole M&G, so I spend more than 20 minutes looking in the most beautiful green-grey eyes you can ever imagine, so my mind was kind of mush the whole time, please bear with me.

The M&G started a little late, which we didn't really mind, but Jared was incredibly nice and he apologized in advance, saying he had to take a nap because he had not slept at all the previous night. He proceed to adorably babble about how he had tried to eat a lot of pasta the previous night to get more tired and fall sleep sooner but it actually had the opposite effect. So he had to crash for an hour before the M&G and he hadn't even eaten yet! He also showed us a photo of his son. It was only a second and we couldn't see it all that well, but Thomas is a very cute baby!

He also asked us if we were liking the convention, which of course everybody said it was great. It was lots of fun because Daniela was there so she said "They can't say otherwise because I'm here!" so Jared started joking "So what do you think about Daniela?? There's any complain?" while mouthing that we should say "She's great, everything's perfect!" while he made funny faces like he meant it was the actually the opposite.
Then he got serious and said Jensen and him actually talked that Daniela really does a really good job and even though they make conventions all over the world, they specially like this one. So they had already told her they wanted another year as they love coming to Rome and it's really fun.
This was like five minutes into the whole M&G and he realized we hadn't even started with the questions (not that we would mind hearing him babble for the whole 20 minutes either!) so he told us to start.
Fan: You've played Lucifer several times, like in Swan Song and in The End. Which one he thought it was better?
(all the questions were larger but I don't remember, so I'll only write the basics)
Jared: Definitely The End. It was also a cleaner slate, because Pellegrino had only played Lucifer a little bit so I could do my own thing. And also I was happy with it because in that episode there was so much on Jensen that I had five days off to prepare. Usually when you have to film you get to read the lines for a few minutes and action! But I had time to sit down, think of some ideas, (he put on on his beanie here and we all laughed when he signaled it was his thinking cap!). Like there's a great theory that your worst enemy comes out from your best friend, so the Devil would be the most charming and nice guy. He was an angel! And also, I thought about something of Sam and Dean and everybody, it's that everybody it's the hero of their own life. You know what's your role and what good or bad you have done, and that's true for Lucifer as well. He's this guy he doesn't think he has done anything wrong, so it was really really fun to play. And also Jensen is awesome. He does really well when you ask a lot
of him. You give him a hundred pages for two days and he does it. He came prepared and doing a whole new character too. So it was a really cool scene. Also we filmed that scene in the outside of the insane Asylum that we have used in other episodes, and there's a huge energy in that place, something strange and odd and you know that human lives have been tortured there. And this comes from a Texas guy that has never thought about energy before, but I could feel it there. And the director also let me play and put on the costume that made me feel not at all like Sam. So long story short, I was very happy with that scene although I haven't watched it for years. I don't really like to watch my stuff. Peter O'toole, a phenomenal actor, told me he never watches his stuff. So huh... that's it. I really don't know if I answered your question...
(We were honestly awed at his incredibly thoughtful and interesting reply so we all agreed with him it had been a perfect reply.)
Fan: If Dean had been played by a different actor, would have that affected to your portray of Sam?
Jared: Yes. One of the things about being an actor is that you are only as good as the
actor you play against. So you can only react to someone that brings something from you. Our chemistry as buddies came as soon as we met each other, we were like we got each other, we got along immediately. There was trust there and it showed in our acting roles. I'd come to the set to do a scene and I was like 'wow, he can play!' so I kicked it up a notch. If it weren't for Jensen I would play a different Sam. And he was also the same, Jensen would play a different Dean.
(Again, another great question and a wonderful answer. Did I mention I absolutely love him? I think I must have...)
Fan: Have you ever think on being a teacher? and if you did what would you teach?
Jared: I do. I would love teaching one day. My mom is an English teacher, but I would love to teach match. I always understood math and was good at it. And  if you understand it you don't have to worry about it and you can use it for everything. I use it for acting, like the first part of the scene has this level of tension, and then this sentence adds or takes from it, so there's a logic to it. So I'd love to help people realize this and not think 'why I'm learning this?'. My mom would kill me because she's an English teacher but there you have it.
(And then came my turn, and I had a really good question that my dear friend vail_kagami suggested!)
Me: Sam is a very forgiving character, he forgives everybody's mistakes but his own but I always wondered if he knew that it had been Castiel who opened the Panic Room back in season 4?
(Surprisingly, he *loved* the question!)
Jared: Oh, wow! Oh, yeah! I didn't think about that. I don't think he knew, I think he was so messed up, he didn't saw because Alastair and everything was still messing with him. But that's cool, that's the genius of Erik Kripke. He always think in several levels and comes with these cool creepy ideas so I don't think he knew. That's awesome.
Me: And right now, the character of Sam is the one who can relate more to Castiel because both of them fell, so I was wondering also if we were going to have some kind of conversation between them or some closure. Because that's a really interesting relationship we aren't seeing much of.
(okay, I admit this other question here was a *lot* longer and I basically rambled because I was freaking out, he tried to answer me three times before I let him actually speak...)
Jared: There is! Sam and Castiel have a conversation later in the season where Sam tries to talk to Cas like 'This is what *I* did wrong, is there anything you want to share?' but I think that as Cas is an angel and not a human he feels in a different way and feels like it's all on himself. But we will get to see Cas forgive himself. And you know Sam has forgiven himself because he knows he was trying to do the right thing. He wasn't trying to be a bad guy, he thought he had to get powerful enough to kill Lilith and he did. He didn't know that killing Lilith would start the Apocalypse. But yeah, I think it's something we maybe can expect for next season, about Cas getting to forgive himself.
(I really hope we get to see some Sam/Cas friendship damn it!)
Fan: Do you speak any Spanish?
Jared: 'Un poquito'. Very little. I took Spanish in high-school and I went to Argentina with my sister, so I can get around, how to get a taxi and things like that. So I know enough but I'd love to know more. I love languages. And it's awesome to go to other countries and see how people speaks several languages and I find myself thinking how wonderful it would be if I could. Sebastian speaks several languages. It makes me kind of jealous, like this time we were eating and there was a guy smoking next to us, and he turned and started blahblahblahblah, and I thought 'That's awesome!!'. Because an American would have acted like a jerk and said 'Hey, put your cigar down!'. So learning languages is something that I've always wanted to do. You know my mother is a teacher and my father is an accountant, and I have a brother and a sister so when I grew up we didn't have any money or could afford extra tuition. So I want to start with my son early, when his mind is malleable.
At this moment Daniela signaled the end of our 20 minutes! but he pointed to another fan so he got another question.
Fan: You have Polish roots. You don't know any Polish?
Jared: A little bit. My grandfather died two years before I was born. And my grandmother was very loving and nice but she took it hard. she had a difficult life, was a farm-hand for twenty years, so after my grandfather's death I think she tried not to even talk polish much... Oh, Daniela is trying to say something, but I think there's another question there!
Fan: What's your favorite book?
Jared: My favorite? for a long time it was The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Lately I've been reading more non-fiction, but yeah I think my favorite is The Fountainhead because I read it when I needed it, when I was nineteen years old. If I had read it before I wouldn't have been interested and if I read it right now I wouldn't need it anymore. Now I have that confidence, and lot of it I got it from reading that book, the idea of trusting yourself.
Daniela: Jared, you should be on stage right now.
Jared: Oh, well. One more! Per favore!
Fan (this fan didn't speak English so she told her question in Italian, and it was hilarious because he started picking on the words, like 'Luigi?' or 'I need a shave?' until Daniela translated): Is there ever some kind of quarrel between the actors and the production of Supernatural?
Jared: Yeah, it's normal. Certainly about the characters. The way Supernatural is written we have one person guiding the boat but twelves writers. And sometimes a writer is better at writing storylines that at writing Sam or Dean. So you have to protect yourself. But it's a good fight, and I'm happy to do it because I love Sam and I don't mind putting the extra effort. There was one situation for example later in the season in which they are trying to save hostages, and Sam is all 'we're not leaving without them', but in the original script it was mentioned the hostages were over eighteen, so we leave. But we were like 'No, Sam and Dean leave no hostages, they save everybody!'. They are not going to decide to leave a person just because he's twenty-two or something. So it was a great line, a great dialogs, but it wasn't true to Sam, because Sam wouldn't do that. So kind of things like that.
(Another fan started to ask another question...)
Daniela: You should be on stage already!
Jared: Just this one. Just this! (He stood up and started putting on his jacked veeeeery slowly, so the fan had time to finish the question)
Fan: I just wanted you to know you have a lot of fans in Korea, and we wonder if you will ever come?
Jared (finishing putting on his jacked): I'd love to. I'd really really love to. So, thank you. Thank you guys! Bye!
Everybody: Thank you! Bye!
And that was it. He gave us like five minutes extra in his M&G and arrived late to the stage (we all ran just after him to go to the main Stage Room!). But it was really really an unforgettable meeting. It was simply amazing and he is so nice, and charming and all around PERFECT, because he gives everything of himself and more!! and he manages to make every question and every answer special, always looking you in the eye and making eye contact with all of us (even with the ones who didn't ask any question). I can't believe I went out of that room loving him even more than when I first entering.
So yeah, that was his M&G. I think he enjoyed it, and we certainly did!! Hope you like the recap in spite of my shameless squee!

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