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Hell's Mouth Artpost (banners) - by Shadira

A little longer than three months ago I signed on for the challenge worldwide_spn. And right away I thought that it would be really cool to have at least one banner for the fic I was writing. Regretfully, drawing stick figures is the extent of my artistic talent, so immediately I thought on my RL friend and fellow Supernatural lover, Shadira (as she has always liked playing around with photoshop).

She had never made digital art before, but after some bullying mixed with some groveling she had no other option but to give in. And a few weeks later she had not only designed the main banner for the story, but also a banner for every chapter! And all of them are so amazing that I really couldn't have asked for a better or more patient artist.

So, in summary, this art is NOT MINE, but since Shadira doesn't even have a livejournal she gave me permission to do it on her behalf. This way everybody can enjoy her mindblowing and incredibly detailed work. And I'll make sure to show her any comments that come this way. 

(click on any image to see larger versions of the pics)

Main Banner:

Just if anybody is curious, here is the original pic:

Chapter Banners:

This is Sam's folder for the case. It's part of the banner of Chapter Two but it really deserves to be set apart:

As a bonus, here's an idea that never made it into any of the official banners but kind of shows also the soul of the fic:

In summary, between Shadira's and vail_kagami's art I seem to the be simply the luckiest first-time fic writer ever!

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