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Supernatural 7x08: Seriously Mixed Feelings

Okay, first I must say there are some things I absolutely *loved* of this episode: I loved all interactions between Sam and Dean. I loved how even a waitress realizes what Dean really needs is not a lay, but his brother by his side. I loved how Dean wanted to be asked for Sam's hand, because YES, he basically raised him. I loved how Dean never, not even once, doubted Sam, he knew that something was wrong with him and that he wouldn't simply abandon him again. I loved the scrawny temp. I loved how Sam tries to stop being a burden to Dean, and gets it all wrong while thinking he's doing the best thing for his brother. And I loved that Dean simply doesn't know how to define himself if he's not taking care of his little bro.

But also, there are some things I didn't like AT ALL. I've never been a huge fan of Becky, but she used to be funny. But in this episode she was anything but. She was a creepy psychopath stalker that drugged and kidnapped her obsession thinking in her delusions that he must love her too (this is worthy of Criminal Minds). Honestly, it disturbed me, because drugging and forcing somebody, in order to make him do things he doesn't want to do it's simply awful. I was relieved they didn't have sex at least, but I have to assume she did get advantage of him sexually (kissing, making out).

So, I didn't find it funny at all. But I can accept it as part of the plot. But the thing that really really buggers me is WHY THE HELL IT DOESN'T HAVE ANY CONSEQUENCE?

I mean, come on, Sam has spent 200 hundred years in hell and is okay with this. He's okay with being touched against his will? with being manipulated? with being drugged and used? with being fucking TIED to a bed? Doesn't any of this trigger him at all? Sorry, but I don't buy it. Dean spent 40 years in hell and had a deserved full season of PTSD, and Sam needs only a couple of episodes to get over it and be all peachy? Sam is incredibly strong, but nobody is *that* strong.

How the hell did the episode end with Dean portrayed as the victim instead of Sam??? at least show us both sides!!

So, show, I'm side-eyeing you right now. I want to keep faith in which since the story is mainly from Dean's pov we simply are not seeing Sam's internal struggle. I want to believe Sam is having a really hard time (with nightmares and visions and the whole package) and hiding it for Dean's behalf and that's the real reason of all this zen crap. Or at least that he is only in a temporary reprieve before it crashes down on him and he has a serious breakdown.

I'm waiting, and hoping, we will get Sam's incredibly serious issues (that had been stated again and again in last season) treated as they deserve by the end of mid-season, and I want a Sam centric finale!!

Seriously, Show, give us what you promised. Please. It's a hundred times more interesting than anything else you have in mind. I want my hurt!Sam damn it! (and my worried and protective Dean feeling useful again).

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