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Supernatural 7x03: Venting before I explode...

I'm seriously pissed at Dean. And when I say I say seriously I mean SERIOUSLY!!

Not only he called Sam a freak (and that in itself is something that I just cant...). He also used the information Sam  had confided in him to hunt down and kill Amy behind Sam's back. And the worst part is that he lied on Sam's face. Sam is being totally honest with him and Dean LIED to him. Dean still is unable to trust Sam.

WTF, Dean. Really??? Sam saved the world and sacrificed everything for you and you can't trust him? Sam has always trusted Dean, even when in 5x18 everybody thought Dean was going to give up, Sam trusted him! But Dean ALWAYS have to be right, isn't he?

Sam is not an idiot, I'm sure he would keep an eye on the news in case Amy dared to break her promise, and if he did he would be the one to go kill her. But this was murder, Dean. You killed her in front of her kid (and therefore making sure he *will* become a monster because he doesn't have his mother to guide him). She did terrible things? yeah, she did (although even the people she killed she made sure they were bad people), but so did you and Sam. And Castiel by the way! Who I'm sure you are not going to kill (if he's alive by the end of the season).

At this moment Dean is no different from the hunters who wanted to hunt Sammy down.

I'm not saying I don't understand Dean's reasons, I kind of do. But come on! Does Lenore ring a bell? When did we go back to everything
being black and white? (the credits are making more and more sense I guess). 

I'm going to keep faith though. I want to believe this scene shows us how poorly is Dean dealing with Sam's problems and with Castiel's betrayal and death. I think he's so over his head that he's reverting to black and white, his faith has been shattered.  But this need to be fixed soon! I hope it comes back to bite him in the ass and Sam discovers it (maybe next episode during the trial?) and REALLY talk and be honest with each other. I'm putting my stakes is that by the end of the season Dean has come to his senses and trust Sam FULLY again. Or heads will roll...

And PLEASE Dean, can you tell Sam he's not a freak? because this is not wee!Sammy fearing he's a freak, this is grown up Sam BELIEVING with all his heart he's nothing else than a freak whose only path in life has to be kee hunting to atone for his sins!! And you are not only letting him believe that but REINFORCING IT!! Oh, and stop punching him in the face!! He's had head trauma like five times in two episodes and his head is NOT okay! (neither is telling him to drive when he just had an absence seizure, by the way).

In summary, please, can we get back to being real brothers? I thought we were in the right path, and certainly Sam is tryin his best. So it's damn time Dean does too!!.


Okay, on other things. Awesome episode but I had hoped to see Sam in a bed hospital. At least Dean was adorable high on morphine and I also loved the 'pie' moment although I wish we could have get a glimpse of their domestic life and some h/c during the three weeks off  .

I also want to hug wee!Sam and never let go (seriously, Colin Ford is an amazing cast, he's even perfected the puppy eyes and all Sam's mannerisms!). He feels so isolated already, but he still can't leave Dean behind. And well, I guess it's true all girls Sam loves/kisses end up dead.

What worries me also is that we had also seen that Sam is kind of reverting to self-injury to keep himself grounded, which I do not approve. But I love that Sam is still Sam. And he's awesome and beautiful inside out. He is strong and  able to clean up his own mess, and after everything he still sees only the good  in people (except in himself, I guess).

Great work Mr. Ackles. And I agree, everything tastes better with cheese.

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