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RisingCon 2011 - Summary of Cocktail Party

Again, I'm doing this by memory, so I can't guarantee this is 100% accurate, but I'm reasonably certain this is it, even if it's not exactly word by word (I'm still berating myself for forgetting to switch the audio recorder, but it had been a long weekend!). Also this was my personal experience of what we talked with the actors in my table only and I'm writing it down so I never forget it. I can't know what they talked about with other people. For me, it was the cherry on top of a wonderful weekend!

We were seated in circles, nine people and one empty seat for the actor. I sat just in front of the empty chair and I'm glad because being just in front of the actors I had the opportunity of speak with all of them and make eye-contact! besides, if I had sat just besides them I know I wouldn't be able to speak a word to them because my mind would be wiped blank!! Also, we were seating with a bunch of wonderful and nice girls and we started talking right away. The actors would seat for around five minutes before it was time to move on to other circle. In the first round nobody seat with us (as there were more circles than actors), but in the second round Misha came over.

M: "Hi everybody,"

Everybody at the same time: "Hiiiii!!"

"How are you doing? did you enjoy the weekend?"

Everybody started saying variations of Yes, very much / it was amazing / Thank you!

"And how are you?" I asked (he was sitting just in front of me)

He leaned forward "Actually, I'm a little tired"

The girl by my left then said "Yes, I've seen your tweet last night, the state of your room. I don't understand how you can rest in there.

He leaned to her (he really tried to be as close to as possible to the person he was talking and making eye contact) "I know, this hotel is inhuman" (not sure about this but he was implying how terribly 'bad' was this incredibly amazing five stars hotel in which he surely had a suite). We all laughed. And afterwards I learned he had send a pic from the 'Plaza de los Indignados' in Barcelona, where all the campers are protesting for the political situation in Spain.

Just at this moment two girls who had gone to buy their drinks came back all flustered, and tried to seat without being noticed. But Misha instead of letting them seat, he changed seat to his right, to where all the belongings of one of the girl where there. And he put the jacked of the girl in his lap. The girl, giggling at at his left, where he had been seated just moments before.

He asked us, "Have you been with the staff of the BloodyCon?"

Everybody shakes heads, and he looks suitable impressed that we are 100% supernatural fans. Then the girl to my left said "Well, I went to some panels"

"It's okay, you can tell us"

Then the girl started explaining how TVD actors where totally different than SPN ones. "You go down and always try to mingle between the people and interact with us, they weren't like that at all"

Misha laughed and with his face of 'of course I'm great, thank you thank you!' and touched her leg, "Thank you very much, but in their defense I must say they are TINY!"

Girl: "I know, I could surround them with my arms"

Misha: "I'm afraid if they mingled with the fans they wouldn't survive" and he made a gesture with his hands like they were reeds bowing to the wind. It was hilarious because during the whole weekend he had talked several times about how small and skinny they were and how they should really eat more!

At that moment one of the girls tried hand over the mobile phone to her friend who was misplaced over Misha. But he obviously intercepted it and started looking between the photos, commenting them. Then he took another camera and did the same.

While he was looking at the photos I asked "what are you looking for?" and he said "Interesting photos".

And at that moment one of the other circles screamed. And he said "Huh, that must be Sebastian"

Another circle screamed and a girl commented "Not, THAT was Sebastian! the other was Matt Cohen, they are competing"

"Really, they are like children" The screaming match between both circles continued.

Then I said, "We can scream for you if you want."

He leaned back with a hand to his chest, shaking his head. "No need, I'm not that childish..." but then make a gesture with his hands, like 'come on!!" and we screamed for him too. And it was a lot louder than the other two circles!

Then I heard behind me "What THE HELL??"

We look behind and Mark Sheppard was just there and we had nearly given him a heart attack with the sudden scream! He looked at Misha and asked "What are they doing?" and Misha laughed "I don't know!"

Then another girl got out her camera and showed him a pic of a baby. Misha said "it is yours?"


He laughed, "Nearly?"

Then I said, "Show us yours!" And he make like he was embarrassed but he was reaching for his mobile right away, with a very satisfied smile. He was searching for the photo when it was announced it was time to change seats. But he was still seating looking for the photo and the staff girl didn't dare to tell him anything. Finally he found the photo, and showed us this incredibly CUTE photo of his baby crawling through the sand!

Obviously, we all went "Aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!"

I said, he's eating sand! (as he had mentioned in his panel) and he smiled at me. And then other girl told him "How old is he?"

"Nine months, but he's still so inmature!"

At that moment he had to stand and said something like "It was a pleasure, see you!" We all said good-bye and waved. It all happened so fast!!

The misplaced girl went back to her seat and then Mark Sheppart sat down. He said "Hello!" and we all shout at the same time "Hello!!"

He was startled and laughed, "Well, that was scary!" Then he asked us also if we were enjoying the weekend. And we answered again that we had a great time and it was amazing. He seemed pleased.

I don't remember with as much detail because we basically were saying how much we loved him and he was telling us how much he loved us also. He said again how much he liked to be her to be able to receive the feedback.

And then I told him that his panel had moved us all so much, that he was the only actor for which we had done an standing ovation! all the other girls agreed "Yes, the only one!"

I asked him if he would come back to Spain, and he said "Of course, just invite me!" and I said "I will!" and then I realized what I said and stuttered "Well, I mean I would love it if it depended on me"

"Then you have to tell the organizers"

The girl to my left asked him if he was going to the Roma convention next year! and he said "I would LOVE to go to Rome! If they invite me I will go for sure!"

We said that we hoped to see him there! (I'm so glad Shadira and me could get our hands in passes for the JIB next year!!).

Then it was time to move on again and he thanked us and had to go.

And, it was Sebastian's turn!! He sat and said Hi and again we said 'Hi!' at the same time (really, I think the adrenaline boost makes us all loose all our sense of shame!). Again, he asked us if we were enjoying the weekend and we all say that of course!! He was carrying a beer glass and he left it in his feet. The staff girl who was with him had to take it from the ground because he was moving so much he was going to knock it over for sure! He was happy and I think a little tipsy!

I don't remember very much either, also his voice is very low and sometimes I couldn't hear him well. But he asked us which other series did we watch and most of use answered "Fringe!"

"Yeah, it seems Fringe is huge in Spain!" We all agreed it was a wonderful series.

And one girl said "But you died too!"

He laughed "Yes, it seems I die in all my series!" and then explained to us that actually he was expected to come back for the fourth season of Fringe, but that the filming time crashed with Supernatural, so it was impossible. "But maybe I'll appear next season, who knows?"

I couldn't help it, i said "Please!!" and he laughed.

Another girl told him he HAD to come back to supernatural, Balthazar just couln't be dead! "So they say, huh? because my wings didn't appear."

"Exactly!" We agreed.

He said he really hoped so, but honestly it didn't seem very likely. I think my face fell because he laughed and pointed at me making a gesture like rubbing his eyes of tears with his fists!

Then Mark Sheppard told him something that I couln't hear from another circle and they laughed and exchanged a couple of sentences. No idea what they said. But the girls by his side took that time to compare their arms with Sebastian's.

"You're really tanned!" One of them said.

"Yes, it's true. That's why I like climbing" He made gestures with his hands like  he was climbing. He must have thought we didn't understand him because he tried in spanish "Escalada!, how do you say climbing?"

"'Escalar'" Said Shadira.

"That's it. Escalar!"

He leaned to take his beer, but he realized it wasn't there and that the staff girl was holing it. He laughed and said thanks to her belly! (she was really a very attractive girl and she was wearing a top).

Then the girl to my left told asked him if he was going to Rome next year and he said, "You were there this year?"

"Yes, it was great!"

He agreed with her and said he would love to go if he was invited. We told him we hoped to see him there.

"Which one did you like better?" Sebastian asked, meaning JIB or RisingCon.

"I have to say the Roma one, because I had a really good experience with Jared" He laughed and looked at her with a mischivieous smirk. Just for your info, she meant she had been in La Dolce Vita shopping with Jared and she could talk and interact a lot with him.

Then I don't know what he said in french that I asked him "How many languages do you know?"

"Four!" and he started counting, french, english...

The girl just besides me said "And you forgot speaking by phone, that's another language!" He laughed and agreed.

Then he asked us what his character said in one of the last episodes when he was seating in the top of the car. We are were puzzled, and regretfully couldn't remember.

"Yes, that episode, the one of the queue in hell! Which one was that?"

We said "Episode 20!"

"Yeah, well, actually Balthazar was supposed to appear in episodes 20, 21 and 22 but they cut him off."

I think he was going to explain why or what would have been his role but then the time was up and he said, "sorry I had to go" and we all waved and said good-bye!

And then Mark Pellegrino came over. And god, he has such a presence!! He's very intense and tall! so when he was seating we all said "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" But he was really very sweet. He asked us if we had fun in the convention and we all said, hell yeah!

"Which panel did you like better"

A girl to my right said "Yours!" and we all agreed "Because it had Misha, Sebastian, Mark and you, it was crazy!"

He agreed, and asked us what was the story behind the apron Sebastian was wearing. My friend Shadira said "It was a T-shirt he was given, as he is crazy he decided to use it as an apron"

He still seemed confused, "And with Misha, the thing in the head?"

I said, "It was a gift, some girls from Kazakhstan gave them to them, they said they would treasure them and then proceed to use them as a apron, and put them in their heads..." It was really hilarious. "They are crazy" we said.

The girl next to me proceed to explain him exactly how much, "Do you know Sebastian has promised to tweet a photo wearing a speedo?"

"Really?" He was dumbstruck.

"Really!" He shook his head, I think it was too much craziness to handle. So he changed the subject.

"So where are you from?" he asked.

"Spain!" we all said

"From here?"

Any of us were from Barcelona, so we started telling him from different parts of Spain.

"So you flew here?"

Some said yes, a girl by his side said she had came by bus, in an eight hours trip. He was like "Eight hours? wow!"

He really was surprised we had traveled from all over Spain to come see them! Like he wasn't a really famous actor with an amazing cachet!

I think he asked if if we had been in other conventions. Because we started to telling him. For some girls it was their second one. They explained him their first one was the Rising con Barcelona 2010.

For the girl to my left it was her fourth convention! he seemed really impressed. Shadira and my told him it was our first one. "Your first one?"

"Yes, and it's been amazing!"

He then asked us when were we all leaving. Everybody was leaving tomorrow, except me and my friend. We told him we were leaving tonight by an all night train. And he seemed honestly worried about that. "All night? but you have something to rest?"

"Yes, of course!"

"But like, horizontal?" he was making gestures with his hands of flat places.

"Yes, there are beds in the cabins."

He was assured, and Shadira and me felt it was incredibly kind of him to genuinely care about our traveling and sleeping accommodations!

I don't remember much more (eventhough it was the most reasonable conversation we had had during the whole weekend). I think we told him how much we liked his job and he thank us for being here and it was over. I wish I had been able to tell him something about Lost or Dexter too, but five minutes fly by!!

And then our turn was over. We never got to talk with Matt Cohen, since with the rotations we could only speak with four of the three actors, but I'm really happy how it turned out. After all, Matt is a sweetie, but he's the one I'm less interested in!! I'm still thrilled we got to talk with Misha, Mark S., Sebastian and Mark P.!!!

For another 30 minutes we stayed by the sidelines, seeing the actor talk with other people. One moment Misha took the microphone to ask for an applause and thank the two girls who had acted as host during the whole convention and had done a wonderful job. For all his tough pose, he is really kind and softhearted.

After all the turns were over, if there was still time they would mingle between the people and talk freely. But regretfully, we had to go or we would lose our train!! So I'm not sure if they finally did it. Still, it was perfect. I just couln't ask for more!
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