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RisingCon 2011 - Summary of Misha M&G on Sunday

Okay, I'm trying to be as accurate and detailed as possible to this. I have a good memory when I try and as soon as I was out of the M&G I started writing down and taking notes of everything me and Shadira remembered, so I think we got most of it. I can assure you that while it's not a transcript, it's really very close.

Misha arrived when we were all sitting but there wasn't any empty chair (in fact there were still two girls standing without seat). He sat on the ground only for a moment but then he got up and made sure the extra chairs were coming!

He commented it was a large meeting room, since it seems the saturday one was only seven people. We informed him it was because the Sebastian panel was at the same time.

"The Sebastian panel?"

"Yes, at the same time."


Someone from the staff came with chairs finally and afterwards he shoo them out. "Leave us!" I got that he understand this 'private' time with him is very important for us, so he makes sure we get what we are looking for! And he was relieved where the staff left "Ahhhh"

He comented the previous day there was coffee and tea, but this time nothing. So he offered us the water bottles and started throwing them to the ones who said we wanted (Of course, i was one of them, so I got a water bottle!).

He then realized the girl to his right was nearly in tears and very very nervous. He started looking at her, and getting closer to her, shoulder to shoulder, in order to make her more flustered. Another fan had to offer her a handkerchief! She didn't talk at all during the panel, I'm not sure she was coherent enough to, but she seemed about to die happy!

Misha proceed to greet us in several languages, french, german... I think he recognized some of the people there.

He asked us if we enjoyed the panel, and most people nodded, other said "Yeah, a lot"

"Really?" He didn't seem convinced. "That was the longest Panel I've ever been involved in my life, I thought it was never gonna end." We all laughed. "We've had better."

"So what do you want to talk about?"

A girl to my right who had been in queue in the panel but didn't got to ask her question asked him if he had a favourite movie or tv bad guy.

"What are yours?" He asked. And she said Goldfinger, Doctor No and another one I didn't understand.

He then started laughing, remembering that Mark Sheppard had said he didn't always played bad guys, "What are you talking about, you ALWAYS play bad guys!" We all laughed. (Actually in BSG Mark Sheppard's character was a good guy, but I'll let you pass that one, Misha).

Then I asked about the voice of the God-Castiel voice, that was higher pitched than the usual Castiel voice. And he stressed that it was *not* his voice, "It's a calming voice. I think Castiel tries to command people with his voice, but God is powerful he doesn't have to. I actually don't know why the voice came out the way it was, but it worked."

"Nothing to do with your throat problem then?"

"No, but it's very helpful!"

Another fan asked about the Haiti project, and he explained they were 21 volunteers coming with them. They were supposed to help construct very big community center (2700 square meters), but the construction should have begun already before they arrived and it was impossible because it has been raining nonstop there, "So we may end up just digging mud." He confirmed Matt would go with them too, but he wasn't sure if Jason could make it or not. "You know, being an international rock start..."

Then, Eva, one of the hostess entered and he said "You are late!" and he moved chairs to make space for her, but still making sure the poor girl by his side was kept by his side so he could keep torturing her with his attentions!

He asked Eva if she was having a good experience as hostess, and she said she was but she wouldn't do it again. "Yeah, we are very demanding. We are like 'bring me the sparkling water NOW'". Eva assured it was not for the actors but because of the stress. In fact I've heard so many wonderful things about the spn actors helping out the organizers when the TVD actors came short that I'm sure they weren't the ones being demanding!

He continued speaking about the bad situation in Haiti, that it's one of the poorest countries in the western, in which a lot of children suffered from distended abdomen from hunger, and that they are very wary of outsiders, but he hoped they will be able to help some.

It seemed also Matt is very excited about the project, "he's always asking 'What shots should I have or what should I do?'"

One girl asked if he was going to the L.A convention, since Jared and Jensen were already confirmed but he wasn't. "Jared and Jensen are already confirmed?" He made a face like 'then no way I'm going'. But finally he said he would probably go because the convention is only five miles from his house.

He talked with several girls comparing this year's convention with the last year. It seems it was better organized last year. Since this was my first convention and I didn't have any problem I couldn't say anything. But they all agreed it was because there were two events at the same time and maybe it was a little more than the organizers could chew. Specially because the fans and actors of TVD were not as well behaved as they should.  

A girl asked him where he had been yesterday and he commented he simply walked around and went to a restaurant. Couldn't enter the most famous one because the queue was really long. Most of us weren't from Barcelona, so we couldn't recommend him any other good restaurant.

Then another girl asked him about unfulfilled dreams, "Wow, big question! I want to be a visual artist, I still want to be president -I'm not kidding-, I want to work on a farm, I want to be a pilot -not a commercial one but to get a pilot license-, and I want to do more writting."

Everybody was very impressed. The same girl asked him if there was any country he wanted to go.

"Mongolia!" The girl asked about other places, and they settled about Greece, which he had a story about. "I met this guy and it turned he was the chief police, so he carried us everywhere and we always got free food and booze because being the chief police he could do whatever." They even went to the port late at night and started stealing the fish! This happened around five years ago.

Then a couple of girls asked if they could give them their nicks in 'Words with Friends' so they could play with him (as he had said in twitter) so he put her nicks in his phone. "You are on! Prepare to be destroyed!" He also joked that Word With Friends should give him some money because a lot of people had signed in ever since he and Jared talked about it.

Then the girl to his left asked him how come Jared had been able to beat him at Word With Friends,  And he said "Jared had the highest scoring word that I've ever seen.", but the girl insisted she didn't understand because he didn't seem like the 'brightest in the block'.

I must admit I saw red and I had to say "That's not true!" The girl said it was only her opinion, but I still think it's rude to say something like that to his friend and co-worker. "We can't say who is smarter just with what we see. We don't know them!" I insisted.

Misha put peace and was really sweet talking about Jared. "Jared didn't go to college, but he's actually very smart. He's very bright, I mean, he's probably better at 'Words with Friends' than me. It wasn't just by chance, he beats me often. He's the only person that I know who beats me. No-one else beats me. He's not well educated but he's a really clever guy. He is tall and goofy so some people can think he's probably stupid' but he's not."

"I didn't say stupid" said the girl. And it's true, she did had tried to ask in a polite way eventhough the question was not the best you could come with.

"I'm glad you think I'm smarter, that makes me feel good!" He joked to put her at ease. "We have fun, Jared and me. Fun and good banter. His text messages are really funny. So... huh... there you have it."

There was some awkward silence, because of the touchy subject. So I went ahead and I asked another of my questions, we were running out of time!!

"You said you still wanted to be President."

"Yes, thanks!"

"But you have said before after working in the White House you decided you didn't want to be a politician anymore. So I was wondering what happened in the White House to make you change from politician to actor?"

"Holy shit, it was awful! Everybody working in the White House were volunteers in the Clinton Campaign or his fathers were donors. Except the cabinet of course. But there a lot of people that were frustratingly dumb and uninteresting. I thought it was going to be everybody talking about ideas and about how to rule the world and a fascinating place to be. But it was very boring. When my internship started I was there five days a week, I hated being there. So I started working in the national public radio at the same time. So I told them 'hey guys I'm not longer available five days a week' and they were like 'You realize you have one of the most seek after internship in the world?' and I answered 'Sorry guys, I'm too busy!'. So they were 'Fine, whatever'. But then I hated being there three days a week, so I started taking classes to be an emergency medical technician, the people who drives ambulances, so I told them I only could go two days a week. They were like 'Two days a week is not what this internship is about'. And I was like 'Well, I can leave if you want me to'. So I ended up going only two days, and I spent them in the library or talking to people in the hall. But I didn't do any work in there anymore."

It was an amazing answer, and a lot more than I was expecting. In fact in at some moment somone of the staff entered and tried to tell him the time was up, but he told her she was being rude and he continued talking.

"I'm not a good employee" He said "If you want me to do boring stuff, I'm not your guy."

"So you decided to be an actor after that?" I asked then, knowing I was living on borrowed time.

"That's not... I don't say there weren't integrity in the White House. But it didn't feel like they were being true to themselves. They weren't following their ideas, everybody was just what they were told to do. Clinton living the double lie. I didn't want to feel like I had to live a life in which I was compromising my integrity in order to pretend that I was somebody who I wasn't. So that was the reason I had to move away from it. I don't know if being an actor is the most integrity-rich path you can choose, probably not, but in the last couple of years I've been thinking that hopefully maybe it's possible to be a politician that's just honest to who they are and people will accept it. So maybe someday I could do that I don't have to pretend to be somebody else."

So he is really still thinking in maybe being a politician someday! I would have wanted to speak more about it (I would VOTE for him if I could) but I just had to get the last question out of the way (in spite the staff where really pushing him!).

"Just a little thing more, sorry" People laughed and he made a face like 'come on!!'. "You just said you wanted to write 'more'. So what do you write?"

"What do I write? I write poetry and I write screenplays. I don't feel like I'm interested in writting novels at this point but help telling stories."

"Fanfic" mentioned another girl. Sigh...

"Fanfic?" He made a face. "Yeah, I want to write more fanfic, specially slash."

We laughed. At least he takes this kind of questions well.

"Have you actually written any?" Asked other girl.

"Have I written any? No."

"You could write Gen."

"No." He was very clear. "I read part of one slash fiction I came upon by accident, when I started working on supernatural was still naive to google myself, so I though 'what is this?' and I read 'Castiel slides his hard cock...' and I've NEVER gone back! But for some reason I've developed this reputation, because I know about the secret fanfiction world, that I'm in tumblr and lurking around and reading slash and masturbating. None of it it's true but it's fun there are fans thinking that stuff."

And then one of the staff girls came in and literally dragged him away! But we had around four extra minutes at the end and they were some of the most interesting int he whole M&G!!

But I'm more surprised about is that Misha is a totally different person in these private panels. He actually tries to be informative and answer all questions seriously and with respect. I so wish I had been able to go to the M&G on Saturday... but I went away with a lot of answers, a good conversation with Misha and my 'Misha Bottle'!!

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