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01 June 2014 @ 11:53 am

I feel like all the action is in tumblr now and I should post this there, but I guess I'm really old-fashioned because tumblr confuses me, LOL.

Anyway, this year at JIB I went to a Jensen M&G and a Jared M&G like in previous years, but as there was some delay in the convention we had to rush to others panels afterwards and we didn't have time to sit down and take detailed notes. So this is only a few tidbits out of order as I remember them:

Jensen's M&G

- Jensen assured that Dean (the real, human Dean) would be back. He doesn't want the Demon!Dean storyline get scrapped fast, so he hopes maybe it will be like several episodes until it gets resolved (like it was with Soulless!Sam or Gadreel!Sam) but he knows that human!Dean will be back, as the show always have to come back to the brother's being human and together or the dynamic of the show everybody has come to love would break. He was hoping also Dean would have to deal with whatever Demon!Dean did when he became human again.
- Jensen prepared the finale physicality of the dying scene very thoroughly. He doesn't like when actors are supposed to be badly hurt and don't really show it. So he was very aware all the time that he was dying and had been stabbed in the chest. So he had to be breathless and incoherent and a little out of it. He even watched videos of people fainting so he could grasp how people reacted when being in and out of consciousness.
- Jensen felt the emotional part of that scene was mainly carried by Jared. He also commented that Jared had been asked what was he thinking to be able to cry during that scene, but they both have been Sam and Dean for so long that they feel what they feel, they don't have to think about anything in their lives because they are extremely close to the characters. So in that scene Jared was simply being Sam losing his brother, and that was more than enough to set him off.
- The scene was actually longer, with a few more lines between the brothers, but it was cut in the editing room. He didn't specify what was said exactly that was cut, but when Jensen saw the finale he felt the result really was better.
- They both are thankful to be able to play Sam and Dean for so many years, to get to know and develop the characters so much. And also because this is a very unique situation where the set a family and Jared and he are able to work together like a very well-oiled team. They have been doing it for so long that they just get it. They also love traveling around and getting to know so many fans.
- Jensen doesn't share many traits with Dean anymore, for example Dean is more confrontational and Jensen is more laid back and tries think before acting. He doesn't need to use his own experiences to play Dean either (although he did at the beginning) because now Dean has a clear personality of his own that he can just fall into.
- He talked also about the main prop person on set, Robin, saying she was great with continuity as always remembered what had been used like 50 episodes back for a summon. She also said all the off-camera dialog and was the one who could light Dean's Zippo (which is like Kryptonite for Jensen as he has to do like 30 takes to get it to light up).

Jared's M&G

- Jared said his shoulder was actually hurting more this day than the previous day when he dislocated it, poor thing. He said also that this summer he would have to take it easy and relax instead of going to the gym and such. He wouldn't be able to the airplane with Thomas now either, but he would make it up with Shep when he was all healed (because Thomas would probably be too big by then)
- It was suggested that maybe from Season 10 there could be a change of perspective, as until now Dean was always the point of view of the series, representing humanity, and Sam was usually the center of the mytharc and with something 'wrong' with him. So it would be great if we could see the Demon!Dean storyline from Sam's POV for once. Jared thought it was a really interesting idea and hadn't thought about how little of Sam's headspace we really see (we told him all Sam!girls noticed and he laughed!). So after he watched the last three episodes, as he had only seen the finale, he was going to call the writers to see what were they talking about and he wouldn't mind actually pitching this idea.
- He remembered the S5 finale and said that it was a really intense and emotional episode. From all the flashbacks we get to see, his favorite was the one of both Sam and Dean sitting at the hood of the impala looking up at the stars and drinking beer. He felt like that scene really captured the essence of the brothers and their relationship.
- Jared also shared our hopes of having more brotherly scenes in next season. The brothers hadn't really been in sync for all S9. But now with the the big fight because of the Gadreel thing kind of over, maybe after the Demon!Dean storyline got resolved hopefully the brothers would be on the same page.
- He really likes the mythology of the angels and demons in Supernatural. He feels like it's something unique that no other shows are doing. He likes the classic vampires and ghost thing too but it's like there are a bunch of other shows doing it even though they actually started before all of them. So he likes how the story has evolved and what they are telling now.
- Jared doesn't see himself as able to write an script from scratch, but he thinks he would be good at re-writting them, as both he and Jensen can spot easily when a line or a scene is OCC and needs to be changed.
- He was asked about which books he had read lately and he said he barely had time to read. Basically he only had time to read in airplanes and such. He was currently re-reading The Longest Day and he was interested in reading the Game of Thrones books, even though he was worried it was too long and at his pace it would take him like years. He mentioned also he had read an enjoyed Harry Potter and also the Lord of the Rings when he was a child.
- There was also a great question about stunt work, and Jared said he really admired stunt guys because of their dangerous job (he told us an example about Sam being run by a car in S7 which was really scary) and he and Jensen got along really well with theirs and joked they were the real Sam and Dean.
- Lastly he talked about Gilmore Girl's Dean, and he said he liked to imagine he was happy somewhere doing what he loved, and that he had left behind all the bitterness. He wouldn't also mind coming back for a GG movie if it was done.

That's it, there was probably more than I don't remember. But it was mostly show talk in both of them which I really enjoyed!
Just like last year, me and shadira had purchased one M&G with Jared and one M&G with Jensen. So when we went to reception to see what would happen with our now cancelled Jared M&G we were offered a refund or the chance to exchange it for another Jensen one (we were told it had been Jensen's idea, in fact!). So there was really nothing to ponder, from our point of view the money was already spent and if there's something better than 20 minutes up close and personal with Jensen Ackles, it's definitely 40 minutes up close and personal with Jensen Ackles!

This time we didn't have time to take detailed notes because there was panels just after the M&Gs, so we took some fast cliffnotes and that night we spent some time trying to recall all the questions and answers. I'm not sure we managed but this is all we can remember. Please bear in mind I'm just paraphrasing what I remember and that if something sounds a little strange, it's only my poor english and not anybody's words!

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So, in summary, it was awesome, and interesting, just like our cast. And Jensen let me ask not only one, but three questions between both M&G's!! What else could I wish for?
16 July 2012 @ 05:00 pm

theheartofspn theheartofspn theheartofspn theheartofspn

A new comm for SPN fans to gather together in celebrating seven years & beyond of Winchester brothers! As we wait out this summer hiatus for the show's eighth season to begin (on its brand new night even!), let's reinvigorate that Winchester spirit again. Join fans new & old in celebrating the canon of the past, the creative fanworks its fueled, and the exciting potential it still holds! Caps, quotes, bro-moments, meta, art, fics, recs, everything about the Winchesters will be celebrated here!

Signup for the comm's kickoff event, Winchester Summer Lovefest, now thru end of July!


A two-month, multi-media celebration of the Winchester brothers leading up to the Season Eight premiere. Any fan who wants to participate can sign up now through the end of July, and celebrate their love of the brothers in any way they choose: fic, vids, art, picspam, meta, graphics, recs – if you created it and it’s about the Winchesters, we want to see it!

(Because we need lots of reunion fics, and hugs. HUGS!! and hopefully crazy!Sam saving Dean from purgatory!)
Seriously, check it out, there are AMAZING prompts in there already for both brothers!

There are a lot of people who's already done great posts with lots of insight about the problems of this last episode of Supernatural Season 7 (and with the whole season in general), and I didn't want to bore you with another one, but I realized I just can't keep it inside me. But first, I will point you to two really really good posts which I completely agree with and that should spread through fandom and that say a lot better than I ever could what a lot of us are feeling:




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In summary, this finale has the potential of being a step towards what we want (the SamnDean show) or what we dread (the Destiel show). I want to trust the writers, I do, and specially Jeremy Carver who gave us so many wonderful brotherly episodes as Mystery Spot or A Very Supernatural Christmas. So *please* go back to that. We want Sam-centric episodes, and Dean-centric episodes and Dean & Sam-centric episodes. We do NOT want the Destiel show.

Okay, I'm pissed. I'm fucking pissed. And I'm not talking about the episode which was... okay (although not really to the standard of a frigging episode 22, but whatever). I'm talking about the director or TPTB or writer or whoever have BETRAYED Sam and Dean, cutting some essential part of the episode.

Sam and Dean leave no hostages! They save everybody!!Collapse )

They are HEROES! Can't the writers or whoever changed the episode get that into their heads?

Title: The Characters Upon the Rock (Remain Unchanged)
Author: sinka
Beta: vail_kagami
Characters: Gen, Sam, Dean
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: hurt/comfort, angst, insanity
Words: ~6,500
Summary: Future!fic. Sam may not see Lucifer anymore, but that doesn't mean he's anywhere near okay. The guys have to retire from the hunting life, but civilian life is not what Hallmark Cards promised either...
Note: I intended to write a curtain fic and give the boys the happy ending they deserve. I honestly don’t know how the hell *this* happened. The title comes from the fable “Silence” by Edgar Allan Poe.

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03 May 2012 @ 08:22 pm

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(How I wish my english (and inspiration) were good enough for comment fics...)

We weren't so lucky during Jensen's M&G so we were seating at the middle of the table. Still we were less than two meters from him and I promise his presence is intimidating! I was honestly trembling faintly during the whole session.
But without further ado, here's my summary, also as detailed as we could make it!
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By the way, this M&G was actually *before* Jared's but I had to write down that one first because, well, nobody said I'm not biased! ;P. Anyway, I think there was another Jensen M&G on Sunday afternoom, so I hope somebody else does a summary of that one!

So, okay, I'm trying to be as accurate and detailed as possible. Me and shadira joined our heads to try and remember everything that was said during the M&G's and she has a pretty good memory so I'll be paraphrasing here but I think it's kind of complete.

Also, I got to seat just BESIDE Jared during this whole M&G, so I spend more than 20 minutes looking in the most beautiful green-grey eyes you can ever imagine, so my mind was kind of mush the whole time, please bear with me.

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